1. What is the most recent resource shared in the Instructional Coaching Diigo group? How can that
resource be used in your role as a coach?motivator45ad11ab5ea25ec3f7733859e4efd55a71064762.jpg

2. What is the instructional coaching hashtag in Twitter? Ask a question or share a comment with the Twitterverse using this hashtag and post it here as well.

3. Of the six elements of the NCTE's Definition of 21st Century Literacies, in which area have you shown
the most growth as a group? Post at least two examples to show evidence of this growth.

4. As a group, determine which cartoon character from the September and October meetings, most accurately represents your position on Common Core implementation, including the integration of technology. If you cannot choose one as a group, list your top two characters. Either way, include the reasons why you chose those characters and post them below.

5. View the projects created for the 10 Roles of an Instructional Coach, as well as the document describing the roles. Choose a role that was not represented by the projects, and as a group, create your own graphical representation of that role. Please post the link below.